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So, last night I had this Castle S3 dream…

In the dream, I was finally watching Season 3 again, as I need to in reality. I think it was an episode early in the season… The beginning of the episode was Castle and Beckett enjoying a bubble bath with champagne and candles. Her hair was pulled up but with some front strands loose brushing her face. Castle and Beckett sat beside each other against a side wall of the tub, which I bet had jets. They were talking and smiling and laughing.

Nothing sexual happened. Why, you ask? Because this was Season 3, and they weren’t together yet in Season 3. Seriously, in this dream, they were just friends enjoying a bath together, and I got the feeling they did that from time to time. ‘Cause she loves her baths, and he loves baths too, and bathing was another way/place for them to hang out. Kinda weird, huh?

Caskett still had that underlying attraction to each other. They still made sex eyes or love eyes at each other as the episode progressed. Like, at some point in the series they’d end up together. At the end of this episode in my dream, Beckett sat on her bed Indian-style writing in her journal. She was a journal-writer! She always wrote in her journal at night. I believe this entry was about Castle and their bubble bath. She had this certain smile on her face.

What a dream, huh?
Also, I felt giddy excited in it, and Caskett looked super sexy in bubbles.


I find her so incredibly cte in the first 3 … I just can’t.

She is just too cute.

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I love bloopers so much.

I love the third one! “All kinds of shit, man” - LOLOL!

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3x07 - “Hey, honey!”

Hahaha, I love this!


Stana: She’s coming out of the pool, and she’s wearing something we don’t know; she’s kind on top of that ( referring to the general idea of nudity associated to L.A pool-side). It’s a little bit more chic, don’t you think?

Luke: Oh yeah, like a Bond girl sexy.

That last gif…wow!

The moment our mouths drop just like Castle’s.

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ohhh myyy gaawwddd THAT ASS! 

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Poster: Cougar Town Season 3 | TVLine

All together now: PENNY CAN!!!


Poster: Cougar Town Season 3 | TVLine

All together now: PENNY CAN!!!



New Poster: Modern Family Season 3